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Exceeding Your Expectations

Mrs Bun the Baker® hands-on-fun.

Cooking classes, occasions, parties and community.

Toddler Buns
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Online and in-person cooking classes for 
children & adults

Termly, occasions, parties to corporate, charities, specials and free bake alongs. 

"I've really enjoyed the Mrs Bun classes over the years. Toddler classes for my daughter then adult classes for myself. I still use the best ever chocolate cake recipe all the time."

Mrs Bun the Baker® is a mum, entrepreneur, blogger and author; who's Cookery School since 2014, has been inspiring the next generation with award winning hands-on-fun classes and provides parties for those
aged 2 years up - Young Buns to Older Buns.

Charities &

Mrs Bun the Baker® not only runs her own cookery classes but she works with the Community too. From Children's Centres, Housing groups, Scouts, Charities such as Childhood Tumour Trust, Schools and Nurseries.

HELLO! Welcome to Mrs Bun the Baker® Cookery School.

Mrs Bun the Baker® is a mum, entrepreneur, blogger and author; who's Cookery School teaches classes and provides parties for those aged 2 years up - Young Buns to Older Buns.

Mrs Bun Baker® gained her teaching qualification from Bristol University and has over 20 years experience in schools in the UK and abroad. She has a degree in Catering Food Management from Oxford Brookes.





Join us for a PARTY. Mrs Bun the Baker® can create a bespoke party just for you! Taking away the planning from you, so you can enjoy the party or even take part in the baking.

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Mrs Bun the Baker  Mary Berry
'The classes are fun and interactive, my little boy loves coming along and getting involved. He's now such a keen little chef at home, we have the recipe book, which is fantastic, easy recipes to follow and great meals for the whole family!!'

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Hello! Welcome to Mrs Bun the Baker Cookery School.

  • Mrs Bun the Baker classes are held in South Oxfordshire and at our core kitchen in Cholsey, and are now online for across the world. 

  • Mrs Bun the Baker is an award winning hands-on-fun cookery that has been inspiring both young and old since 2014. 

  • Mrs Bun gained her teaching qualification from Bristol University and has over 20 years' experience teaching in schools in the UK and abroad.

  • Mrs Bun the Baker also has a degree in catering food management from Oxford Brookes University.

  • Mrs Bun the Baker is a mum, entrepreneur, blogger and author of 'Make, Bake, Celebrate!'

  • Mrs Bun the Baker Cookery School teaches classes and provides parties for those aged 2 years old up- Young Buns to Older Buns!

  • We believe you can learn to make nutritious healthy meals for your family as well as enjoying sweettreats, whatever your age.

    Everyone can build confidence and start their passion for food, which they will hopefully take with them on their journey through life ... after all,

    we all need to feed ourselves! 

Mrs Bun the Baker said, 'For me baking has always been my go-to, if I was stressed about school, finished a relationship, fallen out with friends,

anxious about exams I would always go to the kitchen, bake a favourite, or create a new recipe.  Baking calmed, relaxed, and just made me feel much better, especially sharing the baked goodies. My brother loved coming home to find sis had baked his favourite tart, my dad his ginger biscuits and work, ooh treats just for…well treats!
You could call it my therapy, going to my safe space the kitchen and creating and making bakes. My mum would despair at the mess I created.
I went in upset, mad, sad, angry and came out calmer and feeling a lot better. Releasing those endorphins.


Many people said they found this over lockdown, when they baked with me a way of letting go of something and every Friday, they would tune in to watch, bake and make all sorts of goodies with my free Friday bake along.I still get messages about the brownies, pastry, Bakewell tarts and more that they still enjoy baking.


Even when I taught in Secondary schools it was a subject for all, no one was exempt from my kitchen,  ALL pupils had a go, some taking it to GSCE, for others just learning the basics, yet I made sure I passed on my enthusiasm and fun for baking.


Baking is great for self-confidence, I see and hear it all the time, how children are so pleased with what they have made, their finished bake that they can’t wait to show off to their family and friends. Then I am told, they can’t keep them out of the kitchen!  Their self-esteem just grows with their bakes, all bakes may look different, but they are all finished, and each bake is something to be proud of.


I find when I bake, I am so absorbed in what I am baking I don’t have time to think about anything else and it is a helpful distraction from social media.

When you bake you are in the present time, focussing on the task to do, and to top it all 20 minutes or so later you have a finished product to be proud of taste or share! Which even more important, having something for all that hard work you have put in.


Making bread is one of the most therapeutic jobs in baking I think, kneading that bread you can really take out your bad day on the dough and give
it a really good knead! The fact that you have to follow an order, use specific amounts of some ingredients can help calm the most frazzled mind
and become creative in the bake, maybe adding in some fruit, choc chips, trying a new flavour helps our memory as we are creating memories,
but it is said memory improves if you are more imaginative.

My shopping trolley will always be full of flour, eggs, butter, sugar, rice, pasta, and lots of other store cupboard goodies which I call the BUN essentials.
If you have them, you can create so many meals from pizza, pies, pasta bakes even puddings and at a fraction of the price.


Take flour you can buy supermarkets own for around 55p, margarine 75p and that will make you 4 lots of pastry with flourleft over for just £1.30,

that is the cost of one pack of ready-made pastry! Homemade pizza cost is £1.00 for the packet of yeast, flour £1.00. £2.00 will make you 6 pizzas’,
around 30p for your pizza base, then plus the toppings cost, so no more than a £1, pizza can cost upto £6 in the supermarket and a takeaway even more.

We are all watching the pennies a bit more these days in the current economic climate, with the cost of food, fuel and general living going up,
we need to try and save a little more. Making and baking our own goodies really can help the purse strings and saving money in the bank.

We can waste lots of food from thinking it is past its sell by date when it can still be ok, those mushrooms, peppers, carrots, and other fruit and veg,

may say BEST BEFORE a date, but it will be ok after that. The apple hasn’t gone off because you haven’t eaten it before the date, we must use our senses,
if it smells off or looks wrinkled then yes it might not be as tasty, but a bendy carrot is great in carrot cake or soup, wrinkled tomatoes make a lovely sauce.

Even cooking in batch will help those bills, cooking more at the same time, you are just using the hobring once or the oven for 20 minutes, and then you
can freeze the rest and have another meal later. Make double the bolognaise sauce, use one as a chilli, just add some kidney beans and some nice spice
and another meal, or change it into a lasagne,
just add pasta sheets!


  • Our recipe is to combine Mrs Bun the Baker's love of baking with her expert knowledge, teaching career, to cook up and create magical moments in Mrs Bun the Baker's Hands On. Fun. 

  • Cookery classes are now brought to you online too.

  • Parties now available online; private tuition available for clubs to Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

  • Mrs Bun the Baker® has been selected nationally for Small Business Saturday - Top 100.

  • Baker in person. Some classes have returned to our existing and new Bun locations to enjoy classes with Mrs Bun the Baker in person. 

  • Our Mrs Bun the Baker® cookery classes are normally held in Cholsey Pavilion, Station Road, Cholsey OX10 9PT

  • Pop up venues* will return (following any COVID guidelines) and be advertised through Facebook.  
    Past venues have included; Thame Children Centre, First Foot Family Hub at Chalgrove, Benson Village Hall, Berinsfield Children’s Centre.

*Unless advertised, our classes need to be booked and paid for prior to attending. Please explore the rest of the BUN site to learn more about what we have to offer, and get in touch with any questions 

Mon: 9:00am - 8:00pm

Tue: 9.00-8.00pm 

Wed: 9:00am - 7:00pm

Thu: 9:00am - 7:00pm

Fri: 9:00am - 7:00pm

Sat: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Sun: Closed

Updated July 2022

Owner Mrs Bun the Baker

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