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You as the Client agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Mrs Bun the Baker Cookery School once you have booked, paid or intend to attend a class, party, occasion or buy a fun product from Mrs Bun the Baker®.

Terms and Conditions


Please see our cancellation policy; Event Brite bookings can only be refunded under extenuating circumstances and the booking fee cannot be refunded: the School does not offer refunds but you may look to move your class if this is possible. This is at the discretion of the School, see our Terms and Conditions.


All classes need to be booked and paid for in advance. Allergies, Special diets/needs need to be known before the classes so provision can be made where necessary. Please see our terms and conditions. Youngest participant for a Toddler is two years of age; parent or guardian must remain.

I have a special dietary need, what do I do?

We will try to accomodate where we can for any special diets/needs and we can adapt our arrangements to suit, but these do need to be discussed before you book so it is best to contact Mrs Bun the Baker® first.

Are there taster sessions

Mrs Bun the Baker does not provide taster sessions, but you can come and try a holiday class to see how you enjoy the class. Often one class is not representative of whether you will enjoy the classes, you could also have a private party instead of joining for a term!

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