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The Telegraph - Make it fun and easy – the 5 best recipes to get children into cooking during the lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown is the perfect time to teach children how to cook, and fun, messy recipes are the ideal place to start

Small Biz 100 class of 2020

Mrs Bun the Baker® Cookery School has been inspiring the next generation since 2014 is proud to be selected by Small Business Saturday class of 2020.

BBC Good Food Magazine - 5 easy ways to connect when you’re isolated

From Virtual Dinner Party to Live Cookery Classes - What: in-person cookery classes might have taken a hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are several virtual alternatives...including Mrs Bun the Baker.

Business Innovation and Design - Mrs Bun the Baker Online

Oxfordshire-based cookery school, Mrs Bun the Baker is set to bask in the limelight as part of this year’s Small Biz 100, a national campaign highlighting the UK’s most inspiring small businesses.

Oxford Mail - Mentoring and support boost for Britain's small businesses

Britain's small businesses are being given a much-needed boost with a new package of support and mentoring. Mrs Bun The Baker is part of the SmallBiz 100, she started her business following a teaching career in secondary education and wanting to get younger children interested in food, ingredients and cooking.

The Bakery Business - Mrs Bun the Baker Cookery School Features in Small Biz 100

Oxfordshire-based cookery school, Mrs Bun the Baker will enjoy a spell in the limelight as part of this year's Small Biz 100, a national campaign highlighting the UK's most inspiring small businesses.
Marking 100 days, building up to Small Business Saturday on 5th December, the Small Biz 100 provides a major profile boost to small businesses across the UK, much needed at this challenging time.
Showcasing a daily celebration of the Small Biz 100 through social media, the campaign aims to support and celebrate a vibrant range of small, community driven businesses across the UK.

Cat's Pajamas - Businesses built on passion - Mrs Bun the Baker Cookery School

Angie Johnson is a fellow #SmallBiz100 2020 and you know we love to champion small businesses here at Cat's Pajamas. Mrs Bun the Baker is based in Oxfordshire, a place close to my heart as it's where I was born and grew up. Finding out more about Angie's passion has been inspiring - and made me a little bit hungry!

Herald Series - Mrs Bun the Baker: 'Let's celebrate Great British food'

Did you know that the months of September and October, have many food celebrations and since it is also Harvest Festival time (the word coming from the Old English ‘haerfest’ meaning Autumn) too, it seems a natural time natural to celebrate many food festivals.
To start, the whole of September is Organic month. The soil association, have taken the once, one-week event back in early 2000, to a whole month.

Oxford Mail - Mrs Bun the Baker's recipe book is going down a treat with the kids

FORMER Wallingford School teacher Angie Johnson is looking to show children the joys of food with a new cookbook.
Ms Johnson, otherwise known as Mrs Bun the Baker, taught cookery at the school for 12 years before she left to set up her own business.

Oxford Mail - Mrs Bun the Baker will be cooking on TV

FORMER Wallingford School teacher Angie Johnson, also known as Mrs Bun the Baker, is looking forward to sharing her recipes on live TV with Peter Sidwell in a 24 hr Live Tv Show.

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