Join us for a PARTY. Mrs Bun the Baker® can create a bespoke party just for you! Taking away the planning from you, so you can enjoy the party or even take part in the baking.

We provide all recipes for your party and menu can be tailored to suit, favourites are Pizza, Cakes, Chocolate Baking, Afternoon Tea, and Bake Off.

Mrs Bun the Baker® can cater for families, NCT groups, parties for toddlers to older buns and also corporate events.

To discuss a package including the 'Baking with Mrs Bun the Baker Revised and Expanded' recipe book and Mrs Bun the Baker® aprons. Please get in touch.

Mrs Bun the Baker® will need to understand any food intolerances for each person/child participating in cooking/baking with your group/party.

Make, Bake and Take home your lunch/tea each week with Mrs Bun the Baker's termly cooking classes. The home of toddler cooking classes since 2014. From the age of two toddlers can come and have Hands on Fun in the kitchen, creating goodies, tasting new foods, learning numbers, colours, shapes, developing fine motor skills, but most of all having fun and learning through play.

With current restrictions ALL classes are ONLINE. They are small in size children gain confidence; and help in the kitchen at home, some of the fussiest eaters start to enjoy a wider range of foods.

Termly Classes last around an hour and are held online, when suitable we will return to Cholsey Pavilion.  Young Buns go for it each term and can also enjoy holiday classes.

Older Buns can also join Mrs Bun the Baker® Cookery School for Hands on, Fun cooking classes. Once children are 6, they can be left unattended in the Mrs Bun the Baker® kitchen.


Presently classes are ALL ONLINE with Covid 19 restrictions.

Classes for those aged 6+, 11+ and 14+ which are all a hour.  From GCSE Skills class to Teatime makes and Saturday morning cooking.


They learn pastry, bread, sauces, simple suppers and themed bakes throughout the year. All recipes are provided at the end of the classes so they can make their favourites again and again!


Doing your DoE? Use Mrs Bun the Baker® classes for the Skills section on Bronze, Silver and Gold.


There are also holiday classes which are longer to Bake up more delicious goodies. 

Mrs Bun the Baker® not only runs her own cookery classes but she works with the Community too. From Children's Centres, Housing groups, Scouts, Charities such as Childhood Tumour Trust, Schools and Nurseries. If you would like to discuss a virtual cookery classes for your community group, just get in touch. 

Discuss tailored, technical hands on fun cooking or baking options with Mrs Bun the Baker.

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