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Christmas Cookies


From Kitchen Zero to Christmas Hero


The children are back at school.

What starts springing up everywhere? Christmas goodies!

 Yes! Christmas will be here sooner than you think.


  • Do you feel there must be a smarter way to get ready for Christmas?

  • Have you ever wanted to make, bake and decorate your own Christmas Cake but you think it is just too difficult? 

  • Would you like to learn recipes, skills that you can use every Christmas and bake memories each year?

  • Build recipes that you can pass on to generations that become family favourites.



Let me tell you how we'll do it. 

I’d like to invite you to Mrs Bun the Bakers Christmas Baking Club;

I’ll take you from ‘Christmas Zero to Christmas Hero.’

I’m Mrs Bun the Baker and I run an award-winning cookery school in Oxfordshire. With online and face to face classes.

18 months ago, was a real change to my business and to many other businesses too. 

All of a sudden face to face classes were a no, this meant my clientele had gone, disappeared overnight.

I just love to bake, so I needed to see a way through all of this. I got myself online and this totally changed my business and I just love it. I now bake with people from all over the world, joining in zoom classes and Friday live bake-alongs, chatting with people in Canada, America, Australia, Europe, all regions of the UK and people who just live round the corner from me.

I’ve transformed people’s confidence in the kitchen more than I could ever have imagined. I’ve always had a passion for baking and cooking and taught in schools for 20 years, so I could pass my knowledge onto them, my friends, whomever wanted to learn (except the husband!) and they get it! Now I bake not just local but I bake global!

I let people into the secrets of baking, passing on my knowledge to you, it is what I have always done, at my interview for becoming a teacher, they asked why I wanted to teach, it was simple “ To pass on what I know to others in a fun way, so people get excited about the subject I am teaching” Whether that has been food, English when teaching in Lanzarote or Geography my other subject in schools, I just love to share what I know with you.

Children, that was my initial audience, but parents started to get on board enjoying the bakes and learning some new skills themselves and decided they wanted a piece of the baking action too, so Mrs Bun the Baker is now a family affair. 

That is why this Christmas cooking club is for ALL of you, adults and children, all the family can have a go. Or you can keep it all to yourself and impress everyone with your goodies. No fighting over it though! 

When I first started baking with Mrs Bun, I had done very little baking with my son...assuming it would be too stressful especially as I wasn't a confident baker myself. However nothing could be further from the truth, she's taught me how to make baking fun for him and taught me so many little tips to improve my skills as well. Her recipes are all delicious- genuinely every recipe I've ever done of hers is a winner. 
Patrick loves baking with her; it's still a treat to him after all our bakes. To be honest it is for me too. I think Mrs Bun is a bit like a Harry Potter book; she has found a way to appeal to adults and children. 
Day to day I now cook at least 3 of Mrs Buns meals a week, plus treats. I definitely use ingredients I never used before due to her influence...Lentils and Orzo were not part of our diet before. We roast a lot of vegetables now too!
Patrick and I now make our own pastry and pasta together which I never considered doing before. 
I'll be baking with her for a long time!

Meg Coles



  • Christmas zero to hero…What is the course?

  • Christmas is just over 3 months away. But we will bake from October!


  • CHRISTMAS CAKE: No better time to make it than October, plenty of time for it to soak up the Christmas spirit and be fed every 2-3 weeks with a little more of your chosen spirit! One for all the family.

  • RED ONION MARMALADE & JAM Make delicious fruity jams ready to give as presents at Christmas.

  • Create EDIBLE GIFTS, ones for adults and children too.


  • Stir it up Sunday so we will make and bake the CHRISTMAS PUDDING. One for all the family! It will need a stir from everyone so they can make their Christmas Wishes. 

  • We’ll make GRAVY and a  XMAS PIE, all which can be frozen for the BIG day.


  • Children can put together BISCUIT/CAKE JARS that can be used as gifts for those teachers, friends and family. 


  • Christmas is now just round the corner. The advent calendars are out! Everyone will want to be involved in these bakes!



I'm so glad I signed up to make the Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding baking classes on Zoom. Mrs Bun sent the out the list of ingredients in good time for us to purchase them and when I was unable to make the first session, she very kindly arranged a one to one over zoom at a time to suit us both. I really enjoyed the zoom group class, every step was thoroughly explained, Mrs Bun was very patient repeating steps if anyone needed help. A Christmas Cake needs a few hours in the oven to cook, so at the end of the class Mrs Bun was happy to arrange a catch up later in the evening to offer any tips or advice.  My Christmas cake was fed with brandy for a few weeks then we had a catch up in the kitchen with tips to marzipan and ice.  The Christmas Cake I made is one of the best cakes I have ever tasted, and it looked fantastic on the table on Christmas Day.  I now have the confidence to make another Christmas Cake, but I enjoyed the class so much I hope to join Mrs Bun this year to make another Christmas Cake.


Gillian Newhill



My tips and classes have featured in both Good Food Magazine and Baking Heaven and I was awarded Small Business 2020 and best Children’s Business by Muddy Stilettoes this year and I am also a finalist for What’s on 4 Kids, the results are in November!

I have a wealth of knowledge on food and education to combine them in a Fun way. I want to teach you how to make and bake some amazing Christmas goodies that in the past you may have thought that is too difficult I could never do that. Yes, you can!

I don’t want you to be afraid of recipes. It’s just a list of ingredients with a method and I help people pick them apart, so you can make the changes you want to.

I have people being amazed at how easy it is to make a swiss roll-yes! Making their own puff pastry, tortilla wraps, children writing their own recipe books, getting enthusiastic about food and having recipes that are becoming firm favourites in the house with your twist on them. FOODTASTIC!


There will be ’9 baking classes for Christmas: making 12 goodies’  over the 3 months.


I loved the Christmas cake course. It was fun to be part of a small group that got together more than once. I felt proud that I have challenged myself with something I considered complicated and that required commitment. And having someone (Mrs Bun the Baker) there provide support and encouragement was very reassuring.

The timing was good and the ability to support all the recipe variations was fantastic. But I think the price was reasonable enough that I would not mind paying again to have the support a second time for something this significant.

Nicola Duggan


How will it all work?

o   Classes will be held on zoom.

o   All classes recorded so you can watch back if you do miss a class.

o   There will be a limited number of the course, so we can all have some baking fun and get to know each other.

o   The group will have a Facebook page where you can ask questions, share bakes and just get festive early!

o   Ingredients lists will be sent in plenty of time to purchase for the classes so you can order what you need.

o   Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, Gingerbread House classes will all be on the 3rd  Sunday in each month.

o   Christmas Biscuits will be 2 classes, the making then the decorating.

o   Classes will run on the 2nd Saturday, the 3rd Wednesday and 3rd Sunday of each of the months.

o   Classes will be a maximum of 2 hours, mostly an hour to 1.5 hours.

o   Christmas Cake, Pudding and Gingerbread will have extra classes to them, for prepping, the making and to check the cooking and anything else you may want to ask. 

o   All recipe cards will be sent to you after the event so you have everything to make and bake your Christmas for the following year.

o   You will also receive a goody box with some essentials you will need for the classes, included in the price. Gift tags, bags, ribbons, cutters and more! My Christmas presents to you!

o   OMG! I just cannot wait to start and remember if you sign up early you will get those 3 extra bakes. 15 bakes altogether!


My Mum and I really enjoyed making the Christmas cake. We had never made one before and had no idea where to start. The class was really easy to follow with ingredients and equipment given prior to the session, plenty of time to ask questions and tips on how to decorate It was nice to see the other bakers and their cakes too. Our cake was so delicious that we might have to make more than one this year.

Rebecca Holden Age 12


‘YOU CAN BAKE CHRISTMAS’. I will just hold your hand on your journey, the trained teacher that I am just helps you take your first steps just like I did with children I worked with at school.

You will also be doing this in your own home, with your cooker the one you are familiar with, with equipment you know. Making everything in your own home means you will be hands on with me but feel comfortable knowing you can do this.

Frankie has been baking/cooking with Mrs bun for over a year now and has learnt many different skills that will stay with her forever, I can’t express how much teatime Tuesday helped Frankie through lockdown, built her confidence with cooking and also with interacting with different people, it’s been exciting trying different foods and recipes together each week 


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