Mrs Bun the Baker® recipe book 'Baking with Mrs Bun the Baker Revised and Expanded' edition with 34 food-tastic loved recipes from Bun classes.


Baking with Mrs Bun the Baker Revised and Expanded' recipe book contains a total of 34 recipes in 84 Foodtastic pages for all ages to enjoy.

These recipes are all favourites, from Mrs Bun the Baker's cookery school classes, they have been tried, tested and munched down over 70 times a week! Most of them can be made within a hour, as that's how long a class is! There are not only Sweet treats but Savoury Goodies, Snacks and Mains.  


You just need some everyday kitchen equipment a table to make it at, then someone to pop it in the oven or fridge!  So there is no hob required and best of all they are mostly finished within a hour as that is the length of the class.


You can bring a sprinkling of the magic that is Mrs Bun the Baker® to your own home!



Mrs Bun the Baker x

Baking with Mrs Bun the Baker Recipe Book

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