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Open Farm Sunday

Did you know this weekend is Open Farm Sunday?

Lots of farms around the UK will be open for you to visit, it has been going now for 16years... in fact it is as old as Son Bun, we have been to many over the years, riding tractors, sampling food, feeding the animals and much more.

Grandma Bun lived on a farm when she was young, and I love hearing her stories about her life on the farm- and the fact that her mum, my Grandma, made ALL the food for the 7 children and the farm workers. At Harvest time she had more mouths to feed with many workers needed.

My mum and her siblings would take baskets of food to them and sit on the hay bales.

Maybe that's where my love of food, and my interest in the environment has come from, leading me to study Geography and Food at University.

All my friends said I would be able to cook around the world, and I was the only student ever to combine the two! Now in the 2000's these 2 subject go together sooooo well.

Pick your own at a local farm this weekend...

My dissertation was how green is the pub lunch...looking at recycling, packaging, food sources, beer, condiments, menus and more.

10 years later and teaching food to my A'level students, the syllabus came up with food and the


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