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Picnic Time


What a lovely week it was last week, with Friday coming in at 34in some places.

This week is a little more comfortable and it is National Picnic Week! Perfect weather for those picnics.

You can’t always guarantee the weather for a picnic in our lovely country, when Mr Bun and I lived in Spain we always had a beach picnic at the weekend as you could guarantee the sun!

As a child I remember being caught out with the weather and enjoying a ‘car picnic’ but Grandad Bun didn’t like the crumbs in the car, so it had to have a hoovering on the return home.

There were a few staples to our picnics

· Picnic blanket

· Flask

· Sandwiches

· Sausage rolls/Drumsticks

· Wotsits and Skips

· Home-made cake or biscuits

· Paper Straws

· Plenty of Tupperware!!

We had Tupperware for the drinks, food large, small, and individual containers, there wasn’t lots of plastic bags or wrapping for sandwiches in my day!