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It is Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day. It is always the 47th day before Easter Sunday. The moon dictates the date of Easter Sunday, so Shrove Tuesday can fall anytime between 3rd February and 9th March.

The 47 days are known as Lent, and a time when people fasted, so the eggs, and fats were all used up to start this fast. These days some still fast or some may decide to give up other things, like chocolate, cake, cheese or maybe watching TV!

I love pancakes, and cannot get over how quick the year goes. In the Bun house we have pancakes in the year, but not always the traditional ones we think of for Pancake Day. We love potato pancakes. Perfect for small hands to snack instead of a sandwich they make a great change from bread, very filling too.

There is a tradition of pancake races now; in London there is a Parliamentary Pancake race, between MP’s, Lord’s and the press. Closer to home there is one in Reading and also one in my local town Wallingford. They are all in good fun, dressing up and raising money for charity whilst having a flipping good time!

But what is the best recipe for pancakes? Everyone will have there favourite but this one is my every year, a very well used one. My mum passed it down to me, and it will continue in the Bun house to son Bun.

So, if you are up for flipping some pancakes today, this is what you will need…


100g Plain Flour

1 Egg

300ml Milk

Pinch of Salt


Place the flour and salt in the bowl; make a well in the centre. Mix the egg and milk together and pour slowly into the well stirring as you do this with a wooden spoon, beat well so all the flour gets mixed in with no lumps. I like to leave the batter to stand for a couple of hours, here is the science from my A ‘Level Food Science…The gluten in the flour relaxes a little, so air bubbles come out and the starch in the flour is absorbing the liquid to create a thicker batter.

I hope you have a lot of fun with your pancake making!


Reproduction in any form is prohibited without written consent from Mrs Bun the Baker

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