Herald Series - Mrs Bun the Baker: 'Let's celebrate Great British food'

Herald Series

Did you know that the months of September and October, have many food celebrations and since it is also Harvest Festival time (the word coming from the Old English ‘haerfest’ meaning Autumn) too, it seems a natural time natural to celebrate many food festivals.

To start, the whole of September is Organic month. The soil association, have taken the once, one-week event back in early 2000, to a whole month.

In 1997 there were 800 organic farmers in the UK; now there are around 3,740.

The number of products available has increased from tea, coffee, chocolate, milk, meats, fruit and vegetables, tinned and dry food, to beer and wine. Waitrose Supermarket is supporting the campaign and is one of the leading organic supermarkets, stocking a wide range of organic produce.

It’s also British Food Fortnight. The official sponsor is the Co-op supermarket. Following the success of Team GB in the Olympics, it also seems a great time to celebrate great British food.

There are many classics: steak and kidney pie, toad in the hole, pork pies, fish & chips, and my favourite, Lancashire hot pot.

In Mrs Bun the Baker classes we’ll be baking many a British classic, but since Cupcake Week and British Food fortnight falls at the same time, I really need to combine the two, so we will be baking Bakewell Cake (is it a tart or a cake?).

One of my favourite weeks is in October; Chocolate Week. It is also Egg Week too. That sounds like we should be making Easter Eggs, but alas no. Instead, I will be baking with chocolate and eggs.

I have a devilish recipe for chocolate mousse, incorporating the eggs and chocolate – but not for the toddlers; raw egg is not too good on such small tummies. Maybe you could also try some brownies or 'blondies'?

I love holidays and cannot believe the summer has gone. When we go away, I love to be near the sea.

Last year I was lucky enough to go to Nathan Outlaw's fish restaurant while on holiday in Port Isaac. There was such a host of different fish on the menu. If you do go that way, pop in.

That leads me to SeaFood Week in October.

You cannot beat fish and chips by the sea –especially with freshly caught fish, not by me though. The last time I went sea fishing, felt a tad seasick, so I will leave it for someone else to catch, but I’ll enjoy.

October ends with Apple Day.

There are lots around then, as, although apples harvest all year round, many do get picked through August to November, so it fits nicely in with the Halloween game of bobbing apples.

Mrs Bun the Baker is Angie Johnson, of Didcot, a qualified food teacher for over 15 years. She has taught around the UK and was based at Wallingford School as a food teacher for 12 years.

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Written by Mrs Bun the Baker

Edited by Tim Hughes

16 September 2016


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