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Mrs Bun the Baker Cookery School since 2014

HELLO! Welcome to Mrs Bun the Baker® Cookery School.

We are an Award winning Hands On. Fun. Cookery school in Oxfordshire, established  in 2014. Mrs Bun Baker® gained her teaching qualification from Bristol University and has over 20 years experience in schools in the UK and abroad. She has a degree in Catering Food Management from Oxford Brookes.


Mrs Bun the Baker® is a mum, entrepreneur, blogger and author; who's Cookery School teaches classes and provides parties for those aged 2 years up - Young Buns to Older Buns. 


Hands on Fun Cooking

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Exceeding Your Expectations

Mrs Bun the Baker® hands on. fun. cooking classes, occasions, parties and community.

Opening Hours

Virtual booked classes, parties, occasions or live events operate during:

Mon: 9:00am - 8:00pm

Tue: 9.00-8.00pm 

Wed: 9:00am - 7:00pm

Thu: 9:00am - 7:00pm

Fri: 9:00am - 7:00pm

Sat: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Sun: Closed

Pre Covid 19 Mrs Bun the Baker Cookery Classes have been held in South Oxfordshire and at our core kitchen in Cholsey, they are now online for across the world. 

Unless advertised, our classes need to be booked and paid for prior to attending.

Our Mrs Bun the Baker® cookery classes normally held in Cholsey Pavilion, Station Road, Cholsey OX10 9PT, remain under review against UK Government Covid 19 guidelines. These premises remain closed due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. 

Pop up venues will return and be advertised through Facebook, these classes need to be booked and paid for prior to attending. Past venues are Thame Children Centre, First Foot Family Hub at Chalgrove, Benson Village Hall, Berinsfield Children’s Centre. Pop up venues will return once Covid restrictions are lifted. Updated January 2021

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