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Mrs Bun the Baker®

Mrs Bun the Baker inspiring children for twenty years

Hands on. Fun. Cooking.

inspiring the next generation to bake

Toddlers grow in confidence through the play of exploring food. They are supported by a parent, family member or guardian.

Mrs Bun the Baker® provides a fun and hands on approach to inspire  young toddlers to become young chefs. These young buns will hopefully have a life long enjoyment of food, and even the fussiest of eaters start to enjoy a wider range of ingredients...

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Mrs Bun The Baker® is

Home of toddler cooking classes since January 2014..

Join us for 'HANDS ON. FUN. COOKING.TM' Classes for toddler from two two years old updwards.

Mrs Bun the Baker® is a professional food teacher of over twenty years with a love of baking.


Baking with Mrs Bun the Baker Recipe book 2018 edition coming soon

Mrs Bun the Baker also caters for private parties, so if there is  a group of you and you fancy baking together, then do get in touch. Also Mrs Bun the Baker can do Family, work, friends, NCT, any group that fancies getting together, with the organiser being free of charge.