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Mrs Bun the Baker inspiring children for twenty years

Hands on. Fun. Cooking.

Read about #BunLife and #BunNews by clicking the below social media feed to my Mrs Bun the Baker® WordPress Blog.  

Social Media has been fantastic, it has allowed my business to grow organically and reach my customers, my friends, my young and old Buns.  


#Blogging I started blogging for Humble Tart Kitchen and as this great site is closing, I have moved across to my own  wordpress blog site.  (See top of the page). You can read and find my recipes from my own kitchen product and recipe  development plus my Herald Series writings, obviously a week later than published in the Herald paper.


#MrsBuntheBaker Facebook page site has been my key ingredient, the dough in my has allowed me to interact with my audience and allowed by business to grow, facebook is about my classes and the awesome young buns and older buns who continue, or have been to my classes.


So visit and find my Fun. Hands On. Cooking. information - New recipes and feedback on classes from Adults to Todllers at Chiolsey and Wantage. Maybe buy the Toddler Baking Recipe book and become a Master Bun at home.



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